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my graphix are hot
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Welcome to the grand re-opening of mygraphixarehot. It is owned by __dontuseme. Here, you will only find freebies. This is not an open request community. This community is MEMBERS ONLY; that means you have to join to see the entries and also make sure that you have the community added to your friends list. We will do random checks.

Anyone who purchases paidtime for either the community or owner will get a layout (either paid or free account layout).
rules for makersrules for memberes
001. Members and Mods are the only ones who have posting access here. Unless you are going to apply to be a maker, do not try to post anything here. its that simple.

002. All posts must be friends only. No exceptions.

003. To remain a maker, you must post at least once a week.

004. Always use an lj-cut. Don't know how? Lookie under here:

005. You may post nudity but there must be a warning somewhere before the ljcut. Something along the lines of NWS (not work safe) or just a simple Warning: Contains Nudity.

006. You will be expected to help with contests when it is your turn. You will be given notice before it is your turn.

007. Contests will be every other week. They will start on Monday and end on Friday.

008. When you become a maker, you must join mymakersarehot. This community is for makers only.

009. Do not promote. It is not allowd, so do don't do it.

001. Makers are the only ones with posting accsess. If you request posting access and you are just a member you will be denied.

002. If a maker posts a freebie and you don't like it, don't request it. Don't bash it. Someone worked hard on it.

003. If you request a graphic, be sure that you pick it up. If for some reason you can not pick it up and you know about it at the time of requesting, please let the maker know and see if there is a way that they can e-mail it to you. Don't just not pick it up. That will piss of the makers and they will eventually just stop making for you.

004. Always credit the maker and the community. If you do not credit, you will be banned. It is simple to credit. Here is how we want you to credit:

005. Do not bug the makers. That means do not e-mail or im them, or comment on their personal journals. We all have lives outside of livejournal, it might take some time for your request to be filled, but it will be filled.

006. Do not promote in comments. It is not allowd.

007. When requesting and using a personal picture, be sure that the picture is yours. If we find out that it is someone elses and you are pretending to be them or claiming their kids, etc and we find out (and trust us, we will find out), you will not only be banned from our community, but you will be reported to livejournal and then to all the stealing communities on here.

008. We understand that there are a ton of cute graphics out there, but you do not have to request every single graphic.

009. Make sure that you have the community on your friends list. If you don't, you won't know when there are updates or freebies, etc. We will do random checks and if its not on your list, you will get a warning.

If problems arise, we will be posting new rules. Be sure to check here often.



__dontuseme; examples;

jke22680; examples;

raynegirl; examples;

audaciax; examples;

lostinxparadise; examples

we are currently accepting 15 new makers. the application can be found below.

faqs and important stuff.
How do I credit an icon?
look here.

Where do i post the maker application?
In the community. You have moderate posting access. If you don't know how to do it then maybe you shouldn't be a maker.

Why can't i see the entries?
Instead of going to the top of the userinfo and clicking to join. You added us as a friend as you would other users. That won't work.

How do i put a website in my userinfo?
Go to manage info. At the top it has it where you put a website and the name for it. then save what you did. ITS THAT EASY!
sister sites and affiliatespromos
If you would be interested in being an affiliate or sister site, please comment on this entry with your community name.

refuted; rowdy_designs; graphix101; banner boutique; tika graphics; candyxgraphics; fab freebies; mymoodsarehot; __graphixbylisa; 1conadictedfae; couture_grphx; _pimpin_your_lj; _graphixrequest; _couturegraphic; groovy_graphics; layoutsbydenise; blinkieshare; _yourlettersx; __lyricsxwhore.
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